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Presented by your friends at Dramashop, SHOP TALK takes the conversations that happen around the theatre and puts them online for all to hear. Podcast producer Nicole Lossie and our artistic director Zach Flock share hosting duties, with regular guests like Alaina Manchester, Michael Haas, Shawn Clerkin and many other local theatre experts and Dramashop company members. SHOP TALK takes you behind the scenes of theatre in process.

2019-20 Season episodes of SHOP TALK are sponsored by Gannon University's Schuster Theatre. 

Much Ado About Shakespeare, Part Two | April 28, 2020: The second of our three-part deep dive into William Shakespeare, with some side tangents, featuring Zach Flock, Jessica Flock, Alaina Manchester and Shawn Clerkin. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


Much Ado About Shakespeare, Part One | April 23, 2020: William Shakespeare was undoubtedly one of history's greatest playwrights, which is why there's still so much to say about his works 400 years later. over the next three episodes, our panel of experts talk about their experiences with the Bard, from their first introductions to directing and performing his works; and they discuss why the works of William Shakespeare continue to resonate today. Featuring Zach Flock, Jessica Flock, Alaina Manchester and Shawn Clerkin. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


SHOP TALK LIVE! - Directing for Theatre | April 15, 2020: This time, we’re talking about directing for theatre, and we’re assembling (remotely) a great panel: Kate Neubert Lechner, Executive Director of the Erie Playhouse; Dr. Brett Johnson, Artistic Director, Mercyhurst Institute for Arts & Culture, and Director of the Mercyhurst Theatre program; and Rev. Shawn Clerkin, Co-Director of the School of Communication and the Arts at Gannon University and Dramashop Director Emeritus. Hosted by Nicole Lossie and featuring Dramashop Artistic Director Zach Flock, SHOP TALK LIVE! is recorded live in front of a (virtual) studio audience, featuring conversations with local theatre experts and members of the Dramashop community. The live recording will be edited for time and content and posted as an episode of our podcast. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


REASONS TO BE PRETTY Cast Reunion | April 6, 2020: In our second remote episode during quarantine, Zach Flock brings together the cast of Dramashop's very first production - Neil LaBute's REASONS TO BE PRETTY: Alaina Manchester, Dom Del Greco, Evan O'Polka and Jess Flock. Spotify | Apple Podcasts 


Quarantine Episode | March 29, 2020: Shawn Clerkin, Alaina Manchester, Zach Flock and Nicole Lossie talk about things that go wrong on stage, the importance - and beauty - of ensemble work in theatre, undergarment preferences while on stage and what we're missing due to the current pandemic. Join us. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


SHOP TALK LIVE! - Intimacy & Combat on Stage | December 9, 2019: Nicole Lossie & Zach Flock sit down -- LIVE in front of a studio audience -- with Alaina Manchester, Dramashop Creative Adviser and Director of Performing & Visual Arts at Gannon University, Emily Cassano, Theatre Director at Penn State Behrend, and Domenic Del Greco, Youtheatre / Education Director at the Erie Playhouse to talk about the evolution of the theatre culture surrounding intimacy and combat on stage. How are they similar? How does one train? Why is this such an important conversation? Good lessons for actors - and directors - at all levels. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


You Can't Theatre Wrong | November 4, 2019: Nicole Lossie is joined by Dramashop artistic director Zach Flock and creative adviser Alaina Manchester to talk about getting started in theatre, why it's okay to feel your feelings and what it means to say "you can't do theatre wrong." Spotify | Apple Podcasts


SHOP TALK LIVE! - Theatre in Process | September 27, 2019: Join us for the first-ever live-in-front-of-a-studio-audience recording session of SHOP TALK, the official Dramashop podcast, hosted by Nicole Lossie. In this episode, we’re talking theatre in process. What does it mean? What exactly is our process at Dramashop, and how does process differ from person to person? Nicole talks with Dramashop artistic director Zach Flock, SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS actors Nora Schillinger (board member) and Michael Haas (director of operations & outreach), and creative team members Jessica Annunziata and Adam Rossi. Plus, we’ll open it up to questions and comments from the audience during our first ever SHOP TALK LIVE! Spotify | Apple Podcasts 


FUN HOME | June 11, 2019: "Am I falling into nothingness or flying into something so sublime?" Dramashop artistic director Zach Flock discusses FUN HOME with assistant director Patrick Thiem, music director Kate Thiem and SHOP TALK producer Nicole Lossie. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


GLORIA | February 2019: Dramashop artistic director Zach Flock and SHOP TALK producer Nicole Lossie sit down with the cast of GLORIA on opening night - just minutes before curtain - to talk about the implications (and benefits) of a short rehearsal period, why actors return to Dramashop and what you can expect from jumping off a diving board without goggles. Spotify | Apple Podcasts 


THE HUMANS | January 2019: Family dysfunction at a holiday gathering. Parents treating their adult children like kids. Adult children treating their parents like kids. Secrets kept, secrets revealed, and, crap, where did grandma go? For the Blake family of Pennsylvania, Thanksgiving in Manhattan throws the family into turmoil, and as the play unfolds in real time, things may never be the same. Laughter, tears and enough wine to make it through a family gathering are just a few of the things you’ll see on stage in THE HUMANS. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


HIR | November 2018: Real vs. absurd, what is HIR (and hir), and humanity's complete inability to communicate. On this episode, Nicole Lossie talks with HIR director Megan Hamm and Dramashop associate artistic director Alaina Manchester about gender identity, a little bit of politics and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


TROJAN WOMEN / THE LARAMIE PROJECT | September 2018: Dramashop artistic director Zach Flock talks with associate artistic director Alaina Manchester about Dramashop's THE LARAMIE PROJECT and TROJAN WOMEN at Gannon University's Schuster Theatre. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


MR. BURNS, A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY | March 2018: Zach Flock, Alaina Manchester and Michael Haas discuss our production of MR. BURNS, A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY, what influenced the production, the evolution of storytelling, the death of Homer Simpson, the journey of devised theatre, masks and much. much more. Spotify | Apple Podcasts


APE/ESSENCE | January 2018: In this episode, Zach Flock talks to Alaina Manchester and Shawn Clerkin about Gannon University's bold, captivating original production, APE/ESSENCE. From a novel by Aldous Huxley to a treatment by Clerkin and finally, an ever-evolving devised piece by Manchester and the cast, the result is a dangerously relevant theatrical experience.  Spotify | Apple Podcasts

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